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Recent topics include “How to Relaunch Your Blog After It Becomes Dormant” and “How to Get More Traffic by Updating Your Archives.” (Length: 15 minutes–1 hour 15 minutes), Julie Duffy offers very short episodes for very short writing with prompts and insightful tips. It also features readings, news, commentary, and writing tips. Hosted by Linda Sivertsen, some of the authors to come on the show include Dean Koontz and Elizabeth Gilbert. Sisters, bloggers, and writers Emily P. Freeman and Myquillyn Smith host offer advice and direction to inspirational authors. Plus, Pereira has the ultimate radio voice—you might recognize from WD’s own podcast, which she also hosts. 8 of the best podcasts for book lovers. Danielle LaPorte and Linda Silversten are some wonderful hosts. Of the several podcasts spawned from American Theatre Magazine, “The Subtext” best breaks down the playwriting process and what makes a great writer tick. Geared for self-published Christian authors, Author Audience helps writers market their work. 10 Best Podcasts for Writers and Self-Publishers. It covers grammar, punctuation, and style. 08 Best Writing Podcasts For 2021. Launched in 2008, it began introducing season-long themes in 2015, each one focused on a different aspect of the writing process. There are so many that appear to be mainly ways for authors to promote their work. In addition, although most podcasts for writers might go unnoticed, the “Grammar Girl” podcast has won the Best Education Podcast award multiple times, and Fogarty herself is an inductee in the Podcasting Hall of Fame. Each of the stories is capped at a strict five-minute limit, which makes this podcast particularly good for a time-crunch. This year, to accompany our annual list of 101 Best Websites for Writers, we decided to put together a list of what we think are the best podcasts for writers. Host Mitzi Rapkin interviews a different author during each episode of Frist Draft. It captures the creativity, intensity, and raw truth revealed in the class setting. (Length: 1 hour–1 hour 15 minutes), Editor Shawn Coyne uses his “Story Grid” method for figuring out whether a story “works” or not in real-time discussions with struggling novelist Tim Grahl about his works-in-progress. Writers get their inspiration from all sorts of places — real life, current events, favorite books, other writers, their own imagination, and more recently: podcasts. Probably the biggest one is "high-concept ideas." 1.1 Bestseller, from Reedsy ; 1.2 The Creative Penn by Joanna Penn ; 1.3 Helping Writers Become Authors; 1.4 Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing; 1.5 The Portfolio Life by Jeff Goins ; 1.6 Copy That Pops; 1.7 The Self Publishing Show ; 1.8 The Book Marketing Show; 1.9 I Should Be Writing The show occasionally features guest writers and artists. Books and Boba. The panel gives their expert literary opinions on your favorite fictional and factual mystery shows. They focus on Kindle publishing, but there is something here for everyone. 4. Weiland’s blog by the same name, this podcast will be of special interest to writers working on outlines and story structure. Every Wednesday, Robert Lee Brewer shares a prompt and an example poem to get things started on the Poetic Asides blog. And if you choose to do it yourself by going down the independent publishing route, there’s a lot you’ll need to learn about marketing, design, and distribution. You receive practical information and how-to application you can use today to grow your writing career. Thankfully, you won’t be short on great advice from those who have done it before. Write Now helps aspiring writers find balance between work, life, and writing. Here are our favorites—let us know if you have any additional suggestions! This podcast has crossover appeal for both readers and writers. Their podcast continues and expands that tradition in the digital age. Kobo Writing Life covers traditional publishing, digital publishing, and self-publishing. (Length: 30–45 minutes), Stay up to date on new books and happenings in the publishing world with interviews and more from Kirkus Reviews. This podcast focuses on strategies of Amazon Kindle publishing and provides numerous marketing tactics that will help you promote … Her personable podcast gives and insider’s look into her writing process, and she talks about the best things of the week and gives great advice. In 15–20 minute episodes, the hosts of this podcast pack in plenty of great craft advice, a book of the week and a practice exercise. If getting your writing info audibly appeals more to you than looking at a screen, be sure to check them out! Topics include “How to Plan Your Year in Reverse” and “How to Create Viral Content.” (Length: 15–45 minutes), Host and founder Gabriela Pereira’s podcast interviews provide exceptional writing and publishing insight. Stephan Bugaj (visual effects artist for Brave, Wall-E, and The Incredibles), Justin Sloan (writer of the Game of Thrones video game), and Kevin Tumlinson (author of 30-Day Author) host this podcast on writing for the page and screen. Writing Excuses is a weekly podcast by writers, for writers. In this podcast, he interviews authors, journalists, and publishing experts. 1 Here Are The Best Podcasts for Writers Who Want to Learn More. Several of the sites that made it onto our 101 Best Websites list have their own podcasts. It airs weekly, with new episodes appearing each Sunday. It offers practical advice, inspiration, and encouragement. In addition to regular book news, they do reviews and fascinating author interviews. (Length: 30–60 minutes), While this podcast is no longer creating new episodes, past episodes feature insightful interviews with writers of popular stories on Wattpad. (Length: 30 minutes), Build a better blog through case studies and actionable challenges from the man behind ProBlogger, Darren Rowse. Here are our favorites—let us know in the comments if you have any additional suggestions! Co-hosts Valerie Khoo and Allison Tait cover news from the publishing world and offer smart analysis. Jeff Umbro and Kyle Craner host the show, and the most prominant guest they have interviewed is Lev Grossman. This week, compel a character to perform a task. Grammar Girl provides useful tips on the nuts and bolts of writing. On the pod, you'll find discussions of authors ranging from Tolkien to Brandon Sanderson. Listening to them is like having coffee with your two best friends. Join author and screenwriter Mark Stay with coach, entrepreneur and recording artist Mark Desvaux, as they discover the secrets to writing a bestseller and challenge … Host Jeff Rutherford interviews authors about their writing habits and how they broke into publishing. Jeanne Veillette Bowerman explains what that phrase mean and why high-concept ideas make a screenwriting career. “They’re also a great way to learn. With in-depth interviews with leading authors and investigations into the thematic trends in contemporary writing… This production of New Hampshire Public Radio offers a peak into the creative processes of great writers. Merlin DuVall says: January 25, 2017 at 11:38 am There are undoubtedly many ways to learn, Most writers settle on what they consider best for them, and I agree mostly. Ben Blacker hosts Nerdist’s Writers Panel, a podcast about every type of writing you can imagine–books, comics, TV, film, and music. Previous guests include Elizabeth Gilbert, Celeste Ng, Ann Patchett, and other award-winning and bestselling authors. Host Jake Bible talks about balancing writing and life. (Length: 10–20 minutes), Not to toot our own horn (OK maybe a little), but did you know that WD recently debuted the first few episodes of a brand-new podcast? Authority Self Publishing Hosts of this podcast are bestselling authors and entrepreneurs (Barrie Davenport, Steve Scott, and Ron Clendenin). This year, to accompany our annual list of 101 Best Websites for Writers in the May/June issue of Writer's Digest, we decided to put together a list of what we think are the best podcasts for writers. (Length: 5–40 minutes), This only site included in 101 Best Websites for Writers whose primary purpose is featuring the podcast. This week, write a clear poem. Its tagline, “Make a Living with Your Passion,” applies to writers of all types, and some episodes address common writing questions. Need a little inspiration? “Podcasts can be entertaining companions for writers who have unusual schedules or spend a great deal of time alone,” Bond says. Listen Now. Recent episodes include “Pen Names: Should You Use One?” and “How Much Does It Cost to Self-Publish a Book?” (Length: 15–45 minutes), This podcast is great for writers looking for interviews that provide inspiration, motivation and validation—and what writer doesn’t need a bit of that? Latest was Feedback: Making a Living with Short Stories. (Length: 10 minutes–1 hour), This podcast shares a weekly interview with a nonfiction writer and covers storytelling and getting started in the world of nonfiction. Every good story needs a nice (or not so nice) turn or two to keep it interesting. She describes herself as a writer who is “still learning” and invites listeners to learn with her. Our goal is to help our listeners … Write a new short short story each day in February with daily writing prompts from editor Moriah Richard. The podcast also delves into other aspects of pop culture and offers some pretty insightful analysis. Past guests include Salman Rushdie, Alexander McCall Smith, Megan Abbott, and Stacy Schiff. Learn about the origins of various sayings and slang through fun conversations. You also need to make the book you’re publishing stand out above others—especially in this industry. The Heinemann podcast takes three of our favorite things—books, teachers, and teaching ideas—and talks to teachers and Heinemann authors about them for about twenty minutes. This is one of the best storytelling podcasts around. Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing. Hosted by the Alliance of Independent Authors, this podcast answers questions submitted by members, including “What if I hire a bad editor?” and “How can I get my books into readers’ hands?” (Length: 20–60 minutes), This podcast deals with practical tips for blogging and promoting your writing. This podcast features conversations with some of the top writers in the world. It’s all about the craft of writing. ‎Writing industry experts share weekly content for all levels of writers, from beginners to bestsellers. The Creative Writer’s Toolbelt offers practical advice on various aspects of creative writing. The podcast must have 50+ shows – proves it stable enough and worked out its real identity and niche in the market. United States About Podcast Writing Excuses is a fast-paced, educational podcast for writers, by writers. Although they don’t have very many episodes yet, they feature big-time writers like Elizabeth Gilbert and Arianna … Host and science fiction author Mur Lafferty covers every writing topic conceivable. Beautiful Writers Podcasts. Beautiful Writers Podcast. Ironically located in Colorado, Lighthouse Writers Workshop has provided instruction to numeous bestselling and award-winning authors. Writers Who Don’t Write is a podcast about all the stories writers have never told. The best podcasts about writing Whatever stage you are at in your writing career, these podcasts will give you inspiration, ideas and support. Episodes vary in length from fifteen to twenty-five minutes, but are usually less than twenty minutes long. (Length: 15-45 minutes), While this podcast is no longer creating new episodes, past episodes provide a feel for the community and community members’ work. Whether you’re a blogger, author, or screenwriter, there’s a writing podcast for you on this list! Find out more at writersdigest.com/podcast. For writers, there are three general types of podcasts: book clubs, interviews, and writing craft—though many are combinations. On top of that, she’s been a guest on the “Oprah Winfrey Show” and the “Today Show.” (Length: 30–45 minutes). Daniel Thompson hosts this very unserious podcast featuring interviews with writers. The people who are most likely to contribute, are not the best people to learn from. A book club for fantasy and sci-fi fans, the popular Legendarium Podcast discuss both new and classic works with passion. Each episode of Story Makers Show features an interview with a different guest writer, artist, or other creative. The Writer's Digest team has witnessed many writing mistakes over the years, so we're starting this series to help identify them for other writers (along with strategies for avoiding the mistake). 24. (Length: 1 hour), The audio version of K.M. (Length: 15–20 minutes), Here you’ll find short episodes with craft tips and advice on forming a writing practice that works for you. The podcast mainly focuses on writing, though there’s also a broader look at creativity in some episodes – e.g. Publishing a book is no easy feat. This year, to accompany our annual list of 101 Best Websites for Writers, we decided to put together a list of what we think are the best podcasts for writers. So to bring you help with that half of the equation are our top podcasts for writers. The focus of Author Strong is giving aspiring authors “the tools they need to succeed.” They cover a huge range of topics related to writing and book marketing. London, England, United Kingdom About Podcast The Guardian Books podcast is our weekly look at the world of books, poetry and great writing presented by Claire Armitstead, Richard Lea, & Sian Cain. The Writers Panel. (Length: 30–60 minutes). There really are a lot of self publisher and writer podcasts out there with different angles, themes, and even styles.However, in my quest to list the ones below, I used the following criteria: 1. Lifestyle blogger and social media maven Kirsten Oliphant hosts Create If Writing, another podcast designed to help writers build a platform to market their books. Kroeker provides short, actionable tips for writers who want to boost creativity and productivity. (Length: 45 minutes–1 hour 30 minutes), As you would expect from a podcast associated with #MSWL, here you’ll find interviews with agents, editors and writers that offer insight on marketability and how to be successful in the publishing world. Best Screenwriting Podcasts 12. The show is hosted by Ben Blacker—a professional TV writer and producer of the Nerdist Writers Panel—and each week he delivers discussions from writers’ panels as well as in-studio interviews with top writers, showrunners and producers. It must be broadcasted consisten… We’re just getting started, so we’d love for you to suggest a podcast guest! Past guests include Arianna Huffington, Elizabeth Gilbert, and Brené Brown. Thank you for signing up! 2. A great place to start: The hosts talk about the process of writing a book from word choice to sequels and series in the episode … The 5 Best Writing Podcasts of 2020: If you want to take up your writing game to another level and you love podcasts or learning on the go, this is … Here are our favorites—let us know if you have any additional suggestions! Though the podcast has a spiritual bent, the information is useful for anyone. ... With in-depth interviews with leading authors and investigations looking at writing trends, this is … Best podcasts for writers. Subscribe to The Writers Panel podcast >> Best screenwriting podcasts… Plus, calls are answered with the quirky greeting, “You have A Way With Words.” (Length: 50 minutes), Here, you’ll find invaluable advice on indie publishing from marketing experts. Each month, Linda Goldfarb and her guests cover general issues about the craft of writing, f… Some episodes of this podcast involve Jeff interviewing an author or expert; others are Jeff sharing his own experience and expertise with the audience. Writers Who Don’t Write is a podcast about all the stories writers have never told. This podcast offers helpful advice to writers hoping to become published authors. This podcast consists of excerpts from workshop guest lectures. Table of Contents. (Length: 2–22 minutes), Self-published author Joanna Penn provides info, inspiration, interviews and more, focused especially on self-publishing. Produced by National Public Radio’s WNYC radio station in New York, Selected Shorts is a live event in which screen and stage actors read classic and new short fiction before a live audience. Writer’s Voice features interviews with authors, editors, agents, and publicists. Since Google Classroom isn’t going anywhere … The Google Tribe podcast offers tips, tricks, and hacks for making the most of … Podcasts Specific for Writers . Bestselling authors Danielle LaPorte and Linda Silversten host this conversation on writing… 3. This week's writing mistake writers make is oversimplifying your characters. It is Big Beautiful Magic. Hosted by writer and actress Phoebe Robinson and former Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams, 2 Dope Queens is a live show, podcast, and HBO limited series, featuring their favorite comedians and candid discussions about sex, hair, race, and life in New York City. The Best Writing Podcasts. Some podcasts are genre-focused, so if you are yearning to learn all you can about the genre you’re writing in, consider delving into some of these. Here are some additional podcasts for writers to check out. 19 Responses to 19 of the best podcasts for authors and writers. Podcasts about writing and self-publishing deliver some of the most valuable ideas and insights you can find if you take the time to tune in. The Drunken Odyssey features conversations with writers, readings, and discussions about writing-related issues. The Writers Panel, hosted by Ben Blacker, brings together the top TV writers (and occasional feature writers) to discuss how they got their start in the business, their writing … This podcast is the essential rundown of Asian American literature. Writing in Suburbia targets professional writers transitioning from part time to full time. 1. It can be a hard job finding something worth listening too on the various podcast stores. Whether you’re an experienced author or a self-published indie writer, I’m sure you will find invaluable aid and encouragement in nine of the best writing podcasts we hand … New literary agent alerts (with this spotlight featuring Pete Ford of Credo Communications) are golden opportunities for new writers because each one is a literary agent who is likely building his or her client list. Odyssey is a workshop for sci-fi, fantasy, and horror authors held each summer at Saint Anselm College.

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