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All our venison enters the food chain. We provide you with the rare oppurtunity to stalk high quality Sika and other deer trophy heads. Deer identification, behaviour and ecology. Figure 32 Forestry and Land Scotland deer cull by species (2008/09-2018/19) Scotland: Date From: Date To: Fallow Doe: 21 st October: 15 th February: Fill Inquiry Form . Our Stalking packages are bespoke however the following are examples of some of our most popular hunting breaks and include 3 days of hunting with 4 nights in one of the estate cottages, we can cater for parties of up to 4 hunters. Can be hunted in Scotland and found in many parts of the UK. For enquires and availability please contact the Estate Deer Manager – Chris Dalton at stalking@kinnairdestate.com or tel 07710 871190. Geographically fallow deer are quite limited in Scotland with our 2 stalking areas both being in Perthshire, one near Aberfeldy and the other near Dunkeld (only 1 hour 20 minutes from Edinburgh city centre! Over the last few years, there has been a significant amount of work carried out to improve the information that is available to walkers and climbers during the stalking season to help plan routes and minimise disturbance. As part of a land management programme, just as with bird hunting and shooting, the aim with deer stalking is to reduce crop damage and to obtain food. Optics and observation. Normally hunting will take place early morning and late evening – however during the rut we may go out during the day. Tel: 07920 724904 Email: enquiries@sportinglets.co.uk, © 2021 Ossian Sporting Lets Ltd  Our Partners | Website Terms | Booking Terms | Cookies & Privacy | Site Map. With the proper bullets the .243 Win would also suit fallow or red, but personally I prefer a .308 Win, 6.5×55 or 7×57 for these species. Use the below links to read more about these animals and the different stalking techniques associated with them. Genetic analysis has shown that these Roman fallow deer went extinct in Britain following the collapse of the Roman Empire. People are rightly willing to pay a high price for this privilege. It is also the UK’s first online magazine devoted entirely to Deer Stalkers, offering readers a wealth of information in the form of short films and regular articles & reviews written by professional stalkers and top industry professionals. County Deer Stalking's Online Magazine is the UK’s premier website for Deer Stalking & Deer Management related information. Website T&Cs | The estate holds good numbers of Roe bucks which attain good body weights and excellent heads , whilst we do not specifically offer trophy buck hunting we do produce good representative bucks some of which are medal class. Deer hunting in Ireland, Stalking the best Sika stags in Europe . Sporting Lets are one of the the leading providers of stalking in Scotland. • Weeks Roe Stalking In South West Scotland (8 Stalks) • Fallow Stalking In Moffat. Oliver Power manages the Roe, Fallow and Muntjac deer populations on several estates over a total area of 5,500 acres. Fallow Deer stalking consists of a morning and an evening outings or a full day out. The Fallow stalking is set in Moffat in the heart of Southern Scotland, 3 minutes from the M74. Roe/Fallow Doe’s and Red Hinds (1 Nov to 20 Dec and 3 Jan to 28 February ( Red Hinds to 14 Feb only ). Stalking holidays for roe and red deer are for 4 or 5 days. 230 yards out the object of Richards hushed remarks, a red hind. Woodmill Shootings provides tailor made sporting breaks for people who seek the excitement and challenge of outstanding deer stalking in Scotland. Stalking is available in September and October. Our shooting estates are based in the counties of Royal Berkshire, Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire, set in beautiful English countryside. All cottage prices are inclusive of VAT. Fallow Deer Stalking There is a well-known fallow herd in the southern region of Highland Perthshire, covering the area of Atholl between Dunkeld and Pitlochry. Kinnaird Estate is unique amongst many Scottish Stalking estate’s in that it is home to 3 out of the 4 deer species resident on Scotland, and can offer stalking for Red, Roe and Fallow deer.The stalking ground extends to around 7000 acres comprising lowland arable ground bounded by the river Tay rising to the gentle slopes many of which contain historically significant ancient junipers growing amongst … Call our team of sporting professionals direct on. Fallow deer are native to mainland Europe and have a long history in Scotland, having first been introduced to Scotland as park deer in the 13 th century. Cull stalking package for Roe and Fallow Does and Red Hinds – You will be collected from the cottage early each morning and out for around 3 hours before your return for a late breakfast, with an evening stalk commencing a few hours before dark each day. Stalking Red Deer in Scotland is legendary amongst the world’s hunters. ). Fallow Deer Season; Buck: 1st April – 20th October (Scotland) 1st April – 31st October (England, Wales & NI) Doe: 21st October – 31st March (Scotland) 1st November – 31st March (England, Wales & NI) Muntjac Deer. Roe and Red Deer Stalking in Scotland. We work closely with estates across both the mainland and the Hebrides and can offer single days or full weeks for both stags and hinds. The magical allure of the Highlands, trophy-quality Reds, the canny stalking abilities of the gillies and the unique traditions associated with the sport there combine to make it a truly magical experience. We can cater for all levels of stalking from the novice to the more experienced stalker. Since the estate changed hands in 2016, the current owner had embarked upon an ambitious and careful plan to restore the estate to its former glory with management of the estate deer following an ethical and sustainable management plan. Seasons. Sitemap | Tusk and Antler gives exclusive access to some of the finest British countryside, offering three separate UK destinations where there is always a good variety of cull and trophy deer species. Fallow Deer Doe Stalking Season in Scotland. No matter what your level of experience, from complete novice to seasoned hunter, we can provided hunting opportunities in various locations across Great Britain, covering areas such as Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Forest of Dean, Somerset and East Anglia. Deer Stalking Opportunites - Red Stags, Fallow Bucks, Roe Buck, Muntjac. The Forest Hunter Course – Deer Stalking, Firearms and Fieldcraft Training. The stunning scenery and well managed wild deer population means we can offer some of the finest stalking in Central Scotland. Chris has won UK Professional Stalker of the year 2019 & 2020 here is a photo if him being presented with his award. We do not hunt on Sundays. Deer hunting in Ireland, Stalking the best Sika stags in Europe. What about used options? Fallow deer can be found in a variety of habitats, which can range from cool and wet to hot and dry. Other deer species are widely stalked in Scotland including Roe, Sika and Fallow, of which Roe Buck stalking is probably the second most sought after. The club will refund £140 per day. It is a pursuit that takes its enthusiasts to some of Scotland’s wildest and most dramatic terrain and it is powerful draw. Systematic tracking methods. Hunting experience in the UK and Scotland. The male Fallow Deer is known as a buck, the female is a doe, and the young a fawn. Stag stalking on Kinnaird estate is highly sought after and early booking is essential with the peak of the season in October. Fieldcraft. Home Our Hunts. About deer stalking . Deer Stalking area Dumfries and Galloway-3-extra new areas from February 2018 block (access to other blocks England 6 species) You will be with an experienced stalker with access to all 6 species in Scotland and England Wales so for the club and excellent addition. Fallow deer were first brought to Britain from the western Mediterranean during the Roman period when they were kept within enclosures known as ‘vivaria’. FLS annual cull totals from 2008/09 to 2018/19 are shown in Figure 32, with FLS’s annual culls generally consisting of around 37-40% red deer, 48-51% roe deer, 10% sika deer and 2% fallow deer. It is unforgettable experience. Whether you’re striding the glens of Scotland after a red stag, creeping through a woodland in stalking fallow deer, or inching your way along field margins stalking roe buck, there’s no experience quite like it. Booking T&C's | 4 Night stay 16th Oct - 19th Dec 2020: £525 Contact Us, © 2021 Kinnaird Estate, Dunkeld, Perthshire PH8 0LB. Stalkright offers the novice and experienced stalker the oppurtunity to hunt over 1000 acres of stunning landscapes in Worcestershire, 8000 acres in the Borders of Scotland and 5000acres in Argyll and Bute. Deer Stalking – Dumfries and Galloway. Deer Stalking. Timings will depend on the seasons and daylight hours . Stalking a Stag, under the instruction of an experienced stalker, often using working ponies, is a unique and memorable experience many associate with ‘Scottishness’. Targets are positioned usually at … Ranging over the high tops of Scotlands’ most beautiful mountains for much of the year, they’re prized by people who relish the challenge of hunting Scotlands’ largest and most powerful mammal. Deer stalking is a British term for the stealthy pursuit of deer on foot with intention of killing the deer for meat, for sport, or to control the numbers. Outing Fees: £100 Per Outing (4 hour session) Red Stag Trophies: Spiker up to 6 points £300; 8 Points - … Working with Estates throughout the Highlands, they are able to offer day or week hunting, shooting and stalking packages for roe deer, red deer, sika deer and fallow deer. Sika Stag Red Stags Fallow Stags Ibex England and Scotland Additional Hunts Galleries. Professional Stalker Andy Chadderton, out on the land that is the Forest Hunter course venue, Moray, Scotland. By the early 20th century, the locations where wild populations had become established included Dumfriesshire, Argyll, along the Tay Valley, at Dornoch in Sutherland and on Mull. Kinnaird Estate is unique amongst many Scottish Stalking estate’s in that it is home to 3 out of the 4 deer species resident on Scotland, and can offer stalking for Red, Roe and Fallow deer.The stalking ground extends to around 7000 acres comprising lowland arable ground bounded by the river Tay rising to the gentle slopes many of which contain historically significant ancient junipers growing amongst the native broadleaf birch and beech woodlands, which eventually give way to the open hill. Red deer stalking in Scotland. Red Stags | July 01 - October 20. Telephone: +447920724904 Sporting Lets is a trading name of Ossian Sporting Lets Ltd registered in Scotland SC665479. Red, Fallow and Roe stalking for cull animals in SW Scotland at a fee of £200 per person, per day including one cull animal per outing. (Above: Deer Stalking in Scotland can be hard work, Monroes at the Atholl Estate rise to nearly 4000 feet - In the distance the Cairngorms) On a further 20 yards at a crawl and I found myself nestled comfortably in thick Heather, the butt of the Tikka .243 tucked snugly into my shoulder. Cookies | Firearms safety. From Highland Deer Stalking to Pheasant and Grouse Shooting , we can organise everything from a single gun to a full team of guns, including superb accommodation and award-winning food. Deer stalking in Scotland takes place during the summer and autumn on estates in many popular hill walking destinations. either on a 1-1 or 2-1 basis this will also improve quality of training for beginners and those who feel uncomfortable in the field. Deer Stalking and Hunting trips in Scotland, Wales and England - Plan the best days of your life Red Deer stalking in Scotland is truly […] We also offer Stags, depending on availability each year at your cost. It can be as easy or as hard as you want it to be. Red Deer Stalking If anything symbolises Scotland as much as the Grouse it’s our native Red Deer. Tusk and Antler is an independent UK deer stalking company, specialising in professional bespoke one to one or group deer stalking of Roe, Fallow or Muntjac deer. Deer Stalking in Scotland is regarded by sportsmen and women the world over as a privilege. 01796 482831. cottages@kinnairdestate.com. Before going out stalking you will be asked to shoot at a target to ensure that you are comfortable with your rifle and that the rifle is accurate. BOOK COTTAGES. Buck stalking is offered during the autumn. A indication of the package price is given however please note that our deer manager will confirm an exact price subject to your specific requirements, seasons along with the length of your stay and party size. 4 Night stay 5th Jan - 30th April 2020: £510 We have sole access to some 30,000 acres of highland and lowland stalking areas over Scotland. The stag season runs from 1 July to the 20 October. The largest herd occurs right before the rutting season, while the smallest groups are females with fawns. Company Reg No: SO305661. Stalk Roe, Muntjac, Fallow & Sika. The stalking of fallow does takes place through the winter months in Scotland and although they are only found in a few areas, they can be shot in a diverse range of countryside - … Choosing a good second-hand rifle for deer stalking actually has become more difficult because there are so many really good rifles out there. Hunting may take the form of an early morning and evening sessions or follow the tradition of going out onto the hill after breakfast – for the latter a reasonable degree of fitness is required. FLS’s cull target for 2019/20 is 37,000 deer. Various farms (23 included) over 20,000 acres. 4 Night stay 1st May - 15th Oct 2020: £565 Shooting & Stalking with East Haugh Hotel With 30 years' experience, East Haugh House Hotel is the perfect venue for your personalised Scottish sporting experience. Every deer stalker should at least once in their life try traditional hill deer stalking for red deer in Scotland. Deer tracks and sign. Fallow deer seem to have a preference for older forests with dispersed areas of grass, trees, and a variety of other vegetation. Stalking in Scotland is a sport that has changed little through the decades and it is enduringly popular. Whether you are a newcomer to the sport or an experienced stalker looking for a new challenge please do not hesitate to get in touch. Also, as with hunting, deer stalking has long been considered a sport. In contrast to deer stalking on continent where you go out at first light or evening, when deer stalking in Scotland you go out after breakfast at stalk in daylight. Created: Richard Pavey. Red Deer Deer Stalking and Hunting Red deer stalking stags, hinds and calves are available in season, from both high seats or guided stalks. Fallow Deer. Privacy |

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