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TR 1100-1215 (New Cabell 038) Maintained by: MWF 1000-1050 (Bryan 310) 1000CE) and the Commonwealth that followed, the collapse of the revenge code on which the earliest laws were built. Analyzes the systems of linear equations; vector spaces; linear dependence; bases; dimension; linear mappings; matrices; determinants; quadratic forms; eigenvalues; eigenvectors; orthogonal reduction to diagonal form; inner product spaces; numerical methods; geometric applications. The data presented here are mined hourly from UVa's official student information system . TR 500-615 (New Cabell 044), 020 - Topic TBD - In addition to reading about and practicing professional audio storytelling techniques (e.g. MWF 100-150 (Shannon 108), 003 - Writing about Culture/Society - (Reserved for Transfer Students)  Registration may be repeated as necessary. We will read female futures, queer futures, and Afrofuturism by authors ranging from Ursula Le Guin to Nnedi Okorafor as well as secondary literature reflecting on genre issues. MWF 1200-1250 (Bryan 312), 027 - Topic TBD - When most people think of reggae music, they think of lazing out on a Caribbean beach with a marijuana spliff and nodding to the music of Bob Marley. Everyone will also have the opportunity to bring 1 longer piece for workshopping and revision. Please speak with your academic advisor and pre-health We will work our way through the 19th and 20th centuries and end in the present with a study of Natasha Trethewey’s collection Thrall and a look at Childish Gambino’s “This is America.” No prior experience with poetics is expected. Charlottesville, VA 22904-4121. This course will investigate the relationship between contemporary literature and internet culture. Formal record of student commitment to doctoral research under the guidance of a faculty advisor. Eliot, Nella Larsen, William Faulkner, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Richard Wright, Sylvia Plath, and Audre Lorde. What is poetry? Students read and respond to each other’s writing in class regularly, and they engage in thoughtful reflection on their own rhetorical choices as well as those of peers and published writers. A service learning component, in partnership with Madison House, will require students to volunteer in the C-ville Community. Over the course of the semester, we’ll consider the ways writers use fantasy to comment on society— or provide an escape from it. Linear Algebra for General Vector Spaces (1). 002 - New Media Sports Writing - But why? Remember when you said When I grow up, I’ll definitely, definitely be a marine biologist, but then, somehow, also, you became a poet? Prerequisite: AM 6020. Authors include Francis Bacon, Aphra Behn, John Donne, Ben Jonson, Robert Herrick, Thomas Hobbes, Andrew Marvell, John Milton, and Katherine Philips. Prerequisite: APMA 1090 or equivalent. Applies mathematical techniques to special problems of current interest. This course examines some of Shakespeare's greatest contemporaries and rivals, in particular Christopher Marlowe and Ben Jonson, with special attention to the London theater's sub-genres: revenge tragedy, city comedy and tragi-comedy. Claire Chantell, 002 - Writing about Culture/Society - Prerequisite: Three years of college mathematics or instructor permission. How do we recognize a text as a work of fantasy literature when we read it? Remember the poem you wrote in biology lab composed of phrases from the lecture? MW 500-615 (New Cabell 064), 090 - Writing as Multilingual Writers This course will be a single-semester option for multilingual writers looking to fulfill the first writing requirement. A quick glance at Derrida before Christmas? TR 1100-1215 (Bryan 310) As part of this course, we will discuss different approaches to new media sports writing, their advantages and drawbacks, and we’ll practice with diverse genres and modes. Framed by readings on Jamaican history, Marcus Garvey’s teachings, and Rastafari philosophy, at the heart of the course is an intensive study of Marley’s lyrics and the literary devices, musical structures, and social contexts of reggae. Develops proficiency in a range of stylistic and persuasive effects. August 18, 2020: Fall Registration Opens for Community Scholar Students Note: Only online classes are available for fall 2020 Community Scholars, and students must register online and submit all registration materials online. We’ll read Wallace Stevens next, a stunningly original poet, who sought paradise in his own imagination. Requirements include a short midterm paper (5-7 pages) and a longer final paper (10-12 pages). Growing up—we all have to do it. Instructor permission required. R 200-430 (Dawson's Row 1 105) What elements are borrowed from other forms? This course satisfies the Second Writing Requirement. The University of Virginia is developing plans for the fall semester that assume classes will begin on time in August and that in-person instruction will conclude by Thanksgiving. All undergraduate transcripts for the Spring 2020 term will note that CR/GC/NC grading was the default grading option for UVA undergraduate classes in response to the global pandemic. Instructor permission required. Authors may include Anita Loos, Dorothy L. Sayers, Jessie Redmon Fauset, Stella Gibbons, and Vita Sackville-West. Prerequisite: Fourth-year standing. Assignments include a midterm paper, a final research paper, and short writing exercises, including summaries of criticism and a creative adaptation. Aimed at third- and fourth-years; exceptions may be made, with the permission of instructor, for those with strong backgrounds in theory and/or gender studies. As such, CGEP/VEO students are eligible to enroll in all graduate-level courses (5000-level and above) in CHE, CE, ECE, MSE, MAE, and SYS. 870CE – ca. Satisfies Second Writing Requirement. TBD. Rebecca Rush MWF 100-150 (Bryan 310) You can expect genre stops to include steamy bodice-rippers, murder mysteries, Muslim romance, television comedies of manners, and yes, some zombies, too. Texts will (mostly) be drawn from the following list: Americanah, Chimamanda AdichieAgency or The Peripheral, William GibsonSuper Sad True Love Story, Gary ShteyngartBlack Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet, Ta-Nehisi Coates Rebecca Rush. Beginners welcome! I recognize that seminar members may come to this course with different levels of knowledge about and comfort with literary theory and culturally responsive pedagogy. One seminar report and one seminar paper. Our primary texts will cross genres as well as centuries as we explore romance, realism, modernism, post-modernism, and documentary. Academic Year 2019-2020, 2020-2021, 2021-2022. Prerequisite: APMA 2120 or equivalent. TR 930-1045 (New Cabell 038) W 200-430 (New Cabell 056) In other words, you will be incorporating music into some of the course projects, such as an autobiographical playlist and a podcast about the development of musical tastes. Patricia Sullivan, 004 - Writing about Culture/Society - Place & Belonging TR 500-615 (New Cabell 209) Attach a note telling me who you are, what you care most about in writing, and what other workshops you’ve taken. This course will interrogate how the frontier has been imagined as a space of national desire, dread, enterprise and experimentation from Jefferson to the contemporary Western. Looking for courses related to your interest in law for the Fall 2020 semester? TR 1100-1215 (New Cabell 323) TR 1230-145 (New Cabell 338) Students will be asked to experiment with gaming media (Twine, twitch, bitsy, or Unity) or fabricate a literary board game for their final project. We will read probably four novels by each writer, along with lots of background and critical material. Students contribute to an academic conversation about a specific subject of inquiry and learn to position their ideas and research in relation to the ideas and research of others. There will be a couple of quizzes, and a paper at the end offering informed appreciation of your favorite writer from the course. TR 330-445 (New Cabell 107) Requirements will include participation, team-teaching exercises, a short paper, a longer paper, and a final exam. Cross-listed with AAS 2657. Among the topics to be considered are the Romantic redefinition of heroism and tragedy, the idea of the sublime, the development of Romantic myth, reactions to the French Revolution and, more generally, the political context of Romanticism, the nature of Romantic irony, and Romantic orientalism and views of empire. By permission only. MWF 100-150 (Bryan 330), 035 - Writing about Culture/Society - Solving Local Problems What happens to the individual when data are collected on each of us on a global scale? Prerequisite: Admission to graduate studies. Whether you already sleep with a copy of Pride and Prejudice under your pillow or you’ve been living under a rock and this is the first you’ve ever heard of a lady named Jane Austen, you are welcome here. TR 330-445 (New Cabell 036) Students cannot receive credit for both this course and APMA 3110. MW 1100-1215 (Bryan 233) An introductory course in fiction writing, with a primary focus on creating short stories in a workshop setting. We will read, and carefully interrogate, both enduring classics and contemporary theory, with an aim towards elucidating central terms and ideas that can be applied in your own writing and analyses. Beyond its significance as an outdoor museum of neo-classical buildings, for example, we consider the Lawn as a multi-layered record of the sometimes delicate and sometimes robust negotiation among the individuals and groups connected with it for position and privilege in the social hierarchy. Instructor permission required. Cross-listed with AMST 3559-002. “elite,” “prestigious,” or “classics” while others are “popular” or “guilty pleasures”—who decides, and how do we know? To the University Community, We hope this note finds you and your loved ones healthy and well during what continues to be an incredibly difficult time for our nation and the world. This course is designed for English majors as well as students who may one day enter a medical field—and should appeal to all students who love short stories. Micheline Marcom Twitter fiction by Teju Cole, Jennifer Egan, David MitchellMilk and Honey, Rupi KaurCitizen, Claudia Rankine, TR 800-915 (Astronomy Building 265) In short we begin to engage built environments as important sources for cultural critique. MWF 1200-1250 (Bryan 328) This course examines romantic love in U.S. fiction from the late nineteenth through the early twentieth-first centuries. Includes first order partial differential equations (linear, quasilinear, nonlinear); classification of equations and characteristics; and well-posedness of initial and boundary value problems. Cross-listed as AM 7140 Nonlinear Elasticity. Short paper, participation in a group presentation, attendance at two poetry readings, and a final poetry portfolio required. You participated in workshop. Sarah O'Brien. When William Carlos Williams defined a poem as “a small (or large) machine made of words,” he forgot to add: it’s a time machine. By the term’s end, you should have an enriched sense of yourself as a reader and writer, and how your literacy practices play into your larger identity. This section will focus on the writing process in terms of the challenges and opportunities faced by multilingual writers writing academic prose in English. The syllabus is also informed by queer and critical race theory as well as postcolonial and cultural studies. Cross-listed as AM 7080. Vectors and cartesian tensors, stress, strain, deformation, equations of motion, constitutive laws, introduction to elasticity, thermal elasticity, viscoelasticity, plasticity, and fluids. Lorna Martens 001 - Topic TBD - Alumni Discuss What Has Worked — And What Could Work. We’ll read work from creativity experts, neurologists and cognitive scientists, psychologists, mental health practitioners, computer scientists, and professional writers and editors, all in trying to understand the relationship between literacy and our minds. Megan Haury, 037 - Topic TBD - Two 5-page papers; midterm examination; final examination. Students will study basic narrative terms and techniques and revise several short stories for a final portfolio. But we will also look at Kafka's "doubles":  the literary tradition he works with and the way in which he, in turn, forms literary tradition. TR 930-1045 (Bryan 334), 058 - Topic TBD - Critical and creative work both fine. The class satisfies the second writing requirement, and it is appropriate for students considering declaring a major (or minor) in English, as well as for smart and motivated non-majors looking to sharpen already solid writing skills. MWF 900-950 (New Cabell 036), 002 - Topic TBD - Said differently, we will consider how class, race, gender, and other identity markers influence public perceptions of error and we will investigate how social expectations of the way regret should be expressed. Prerequisite: APMA 2120 or equivalent. Formal record of student commitment to project research under the guidance of a faculty advisor. This course examines a selection of Austen's major works and some of their contemporary adaptations across many media, including film, vlogs, and short stories, and, in doing so, asks what adaptation attempts to do, what it creates, transforms, or transplants. TR 500-615 (New Cabell 036), 040 - Writing about Culture/Society - To do so, we’ll start by reading Pride and Prejudice with depth and care. In short, we will study how the greatest author of the Renaissance reacted to and recreated the greatest power in the ancient world. In addition, we’ll read archival and scholarly non-fiction. Prerequisite: APMA 1110 and CS 1110, or equivalent. Armed with these tools, we will apply the ‘reggae aesthetic’ to Jamaican poetry, fiction and film, including The Harder They Come and the Booker Prize novel, A Brief History of Seven Killings. How do gendered portrayals of the gothic change over time or embody different political and cultural crises? Offers a two-semester approach to the First Writing Requirement. MWF 200-250 (Bryan 312), 048 - Topic TBD - Schedule of Classes for Politics - Fall 2020. We’ll start with Freud, particularly considering his ideas about dreams, therapy, and authority. Review of ordinary differential equations. Dubois on race. Summary Information Download Data Weekly Student Credit-Hours. Remember when you took a weekly 2.5 hour intermediate poetry workshop, open to undergraduates by instructor permission? This course examines the history and practice of “point-of-view” journalism, a controversial but credible alternative to the dominant model of “objectivity” on the part of the news media. Charity Fowler, 010 - Writing about Culture/Society - Prerequisite: Undergraduate ordinary differential equations or instructor permission. Eliot—and others that might surprise you—Samson Occom, Childish Gambino. By reading Cymbeline, Henry V, and Hamlet, we will explore Shakespeare’s understanding of the influence of Rome on later history. While devoting much of our attention to some of the most influential poetry from the second half of the twentieth century, we will also bring ourselves up to date by examining some of the best poems published in recent years. UVa Common Sense Alliance started this petition to University of Virginia. MW 330-445 (New Cabell 036) Jo Adams. 005 - Writing about the Arts - MW 500-615 (New Cabell 111), 015 - Writing about Science & Tech - Writing Material: A Scientific Approach to Artful Communication 001 An introductory course in poetry writing, with a primary focus on creating new poems in a workshop setting. All are welcome, critical and creative. TR 800-915 (New Cabell 064), 034 - Topic TBD - One-paragraph responses for class preparation, and three five-page papers. TR 1100-1215 (Bryan 233) Instructor permission required. This last category consists of tracking cookies: these make it possible for your online behaviour to be tracked. Then on to Robert Frost, a poet who offers immediate, and very real satisfactions, but who also, on extended study, reveals a deeper, darker side. Political propaganda often seeks to persuade through conspiracy theories that create suspicion and fear. Along the way we will discuss English translations of the Bible; the process of canonization; textual history; and the long trail of interpretive approaches, ancient to contemporary. Includes confidence interval and point estimation methods, hypothesis testing for single samples, inference procedures for single-sample and two-sample studies, single and multifactor analysis of variance techniques, linear and non-linear regression and correlation, and using Minitab for large data sets. MWF 100-150 (Bryan 203) The course will explore how a text is inevitably affected by the material conditions of its production and how an understanding of the physical processes by which it was formed can aid historical research in a variety of disciplines, not only those that treat verbal texts but also those that deal with printed music and works of visual art. What does deafness signify, especially in a western civilization centered upon speech? Cross-listed as CS 2102. We will cover a range of genres, from children’s literature to slave narratives to horror films. Every effort will be made to notify students of acceptance during the week prior to the beginning of classes or earlier, so that students may finalize their schedules in SIS. Assignments include several short papers, a midterm and final exam, and a final “revisioning” project where you’ll be required to offer your own re-imagining of the New Negro era. Students in dorms will be in double rooms by default, and will be able to choose roommates. Collage is an early 20th century technique that originated in the visual arts. The syllabus will include brief philosophical and critical readings on utopia, science, satire, feminism, race, capitalism, and modernity. Is Charlotte’s Web a novel that teaches children that animal deaths are mournable, or not? Cross-listed with ASL 3400. TR 330-445 (Bryan 330) What questions and cultural conditions formed the context for these seminal thinkers’ insights, and what explains the purchase they continue to have on our thinking today? R 230-500 (Bryan 233) Mindful of your own words? MWF 300-350 (Bryan 332), 049 - Topic TBD - Particular focus on the heat, wave, and Laplace partial differential equations in rectangular, cylindrical, and spherical coordinates. Academic calendar for Fall 2019, Spring 2020. The key issues have included: Determining the date by which a decision about the fall semester must be made. What elements cohere the genre of dystopian fiction? We’ll spend significant portions of each class in peer review of one another’s poems, but we’ll also explore works of published poetry that use lyric language to stretch, twist, and collapse time. The spring 2021 UVA graduate engineering online classes have been compiled below. Devin Donovan, 018 - Topic TBD - This course will examine literary representations of sports, including works of autobiography, fiction, and journalism. Primary texts will likely include the following books: Alison Bechdel, Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic; John Cheever, Bullet Park; Kate Chopin, The Awakening; Jennifer Egan, A Visit from the Good Squad; Sui Sin Far, Mrs. Spring Fragrance; Gish Jen, Mona in the Promised Land; Nella Larsen, Quicksand; Toni Morrison, Sula. You read published poems about space travel, Civil War medicine, the color blue, and DNA. For the most current spring 2021 class information, follow the class search options described below. Possible projects include short essays and a digital tracking project. 003 - Writing about Identities - Writing Remorse and Repair Prerequisite: Graduate standing. Instructor Permission is required for registration. I hope that you will find this website useful. Focusing primarily on novels published in the U.S. from the Antebellum through Progressive Eras, we'll consider how literature addressed slavery, segregation, urban poverty, Native American land rights, the rights of workers, women's rights, and immigration. Heidi Nobles. Separation of variables, superposition, Fourier series, Sturm-Liouville eigenvalue problems, eigenfunction expansion techniques. If we bring about the end of binary gender, do we bring about the end of the world? Non-Topical Research, Master's Thesis (1 - 12). Includes averaging principles; equivalent homogeneity; effective moduli; bounding principles; self-consistent schemes; composite spheres; concentric cylinders; three phase model; repeating cell models; inelastic and nonlinear effects; thermal effects; isotropic and anisotropic media; and strength and fracture. The course will also have extensive outside reading and non-creative writing requirements. Emphasis is on workshop of students' own poems, with focused writing exercises and written responses to relevant outside reading, as well as class discussions on issues of contemporary poetry. In 1649, John Milton argued that the English people could dethrone and behead the king (they did), and Gerrard Winstanley made the case that, while they were at it, they should also overturn personal property ownership (they didn’t). We’ll see how the right combination of diction, syntax, and enjambment can suspend a moment over multiple pages, while others transport us light years in a single line. Jon D'Errico, 013 - Topic TBD - UVA releases update for Fall 2020, students and businesses react. Cross-listed as AM 6020, MAE 6020, CE 6720 Prerequisite: Instructor Permission, Mathematical Foundations of Continuum Mechanics (3). TR 330-445 (Shannon 109) Requirements will include a midterm exam, a final exam, and several short writing assignments. Does it complicate our understanding of the difference between “high” and “low” culture, the literary and the popular? What do we know and what are we still learning about writing and the human brain? Topics include the history of genres of life narrative as well as biographical reference works from the Enlightenment forward; prosopography and network analysis; the history of identification tokens such as portraits, finger prints, handwriting; the Quantified Self; social media; “algorithms of oppression” and the bias of search; linked open data on persons (e.g. We will begin the term by focusing on some of the eighteenth-century texts that established and popularized the gothic conventions that novelists, filmmakers, and television writers still use today. How does the monumentality of the signature buildings on the campuses of land-grant colleges and universities in America resist the slight “Cow School” to belittle the official mission of these institutions? Surely. surveillance state. In modern literature, the most famous example is the magical world that exists alongside the Muggle world of the Harry Potter series, but elsewhere it can be a distant galaxy, a parallel universe, a virtual reality, or any isolated location where the usual rules don’t apply. In 1620, Francis Bacon asserted that all human knowledge needed to be rebuilt from the foundation upward. The artist brings things into being the way nature brings things into being. Eliot and Marianne Moore to today’s postmodern mixologists sampling cannily chosen source texts, poetic collage has always been as much about play as it has resistance, as much about exploring radical possibilities as about discontent with the status quo. Topics include the solution of flow and heat transfer problems involving steady and transient convective and diffusive transport; superposition and panel methods for inviscid flow; finite-difference methods for elliptic, parabolic, and hyperbolic partial differential equations; elementary grid generation for odd geometries; and primitive variable and vorticity-steam function algorithms for incompressible, multidimensional flows. TR 1100-1215 (Shannon 107) Please email a 3-4 page sample of your work to mam5du@virginia.edu to be considered for admission. I will take submissions through the end of July. Does reading novels make us more empathetic? (Includes Senior Waivers and High School Community Scholars) December 18, 2020 Every effort will be made to notify students of acceptance during the week prior to the beginning of classes or before, so that students may finalize their schedules in SIS. No previous knowledge of the Bible needed or assumed. This course will get you up to speed on key authors and movements in the history of literary criticism (from circa 400 b.c. Cross-listed as MAE 6720. Additionally, some courses on this may have their own pre-requisite courses which may prevent your enrollment. Withdrawals from individual courses after the drop deadline, while remaining registered in other courses, can be made according to the schedule set by the individual schools. We’ll consider how literature represents digital media, and how new media influence 21st century literature, both formally and thematically. This is an advanced course in criticism in which English majors are asked both to treat video games as available for literary interpretation and to interact with works of literature as if they are in some way playable. Readings include major sagas of Iceland’s Settlement and the Norse exploration beyond Iceland, family and regional sagas, sagas of great women and men, outlaw sagas, and ultimately Njal’s Saga, which is sometimes said to be the foremost produce of Iceland’s medieval period. Over the course of the semester, we will tease out the common threads in these cases for philosophical, political, and economic revolution and interrogate the underpinnings of their arguments. MWF 300-350 (Bryan 334), 061 - Writing about Science & Tech - Citizen Science Prerequisite: Linear Algebra, Vector Calculus, Elementary PDE (may be taken concurrently). A Modern and Global Studies seminar, this course is open to all others who are interested. TR 930-1045 (New Cabell 036), 059 - Topic TBD - MW 500-615 (Shannon 108), 028 - Topic TBD - Freud textualized the human mind, turning the stories generated by its different levels into an object of analysis. 069 - Topic TBD - Debra Nystrom Lindgren Johnson, 057 - Topic TBD - How does the discourse that posits the UVA Lawn as a seminal architectural legacy of a United States founding father help to distinguish the Lawn’s residents from passers-by, who must admire it from a respectful distance? In this class we will engage with novels, art, music, and films from the end of the twentieth century and the nineteenth century, and consider how monsters in culture reflect monsters of the epoch. Prerequisites: APMA 2120 and 2130 or equivalents. Describes the mathematical foundations of continuum mechanics from a unified viewpoint. Kiera Allison. We will spend the first half of the semester reading verse and prose by Whitman and Dickinson. Students will spend the first part of the semester reading a novella or short stories and writing a weekly new 2-3 page creative piece in response, plus a 1 page craft response. A Fall 2020 Committee, formed in April and chaired by Magill, has spent weeks exploring issues and pursuing answers to key questions about the University’s upcoming academic year.

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